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Summer Yoga in Pittsburgh

Sometimes, when it is cold and icy outside, it’s hard to motivate yourself out to your local studio for a yoga class—–too much to wear, too much to bring, too much to do to prepare the car.  Sometimes, when it is warm and beautiful outside, it’s hard to motivate yourself out to your local studio because it’s just TOO NICE to be indoors.

I was once told that the hardest part of any yoga class was putting down your mat.  This applies to all seasons—weather and life.  Once you are there, with your mat under your feet or your sitting bones, it’s a great accomplishment.  Then, after class, you feel SO GREAT that you start to yell at yourself for not coming more often and you may wonder exactly what it is that you have been letting get in your way.

This summer, Yoga Matrika is offering unlimited yoga in June, July and August for $200.  At this price, you can’t afford to not do yoga this summer.  Regardless of the season, yoga keeps your mood elevated, heart filled with joy and a spring in your step.  You can also use yoga as a way to prevent injuries from all the other things you love to do during the summer: golf, swim, cycle, hike, paddle, run and frolic.  Finally, keeping a regular practice can keep you grounded and mindful in the reality that every day, no matter the season, is a day when we have the opportunity to help others, support our community and BREATHE.

See you soon at Yoga Matrika,

Sharon Rudyk

Sharon Rudyk is the Owner and Director of Yoga Matrika and the Matrika Annex.

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