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New Location

Yoga Matrika will be opening a second location at 6520 Wilkins Avenue in mid-May.  For some of you, this is a very welcome change.  For many others, you might be concerned that the warm feeling of the current studio as a home for your practice might be lost in the move.  I have complete confidence that this second location will just bring you more of what you love about Yoga Matrika and less of what you could do without (unpredictable schedule, crowded classes and tripping over that metal plate in the doorway to the back hall—-I know, I stubb my toe on it weekly too!).

Yoga Matrika is a community-based studio.  What does this mean?  It means that the space isn’t as important as the people who gather there—wherever “there” happens to be.   This is not a community defined by the neighborhood you live in.  We welcome everyone at Yoga Matrika!  This is a community defined by intention.  What do we intend?  We intend to practice with our full hearts, safely and intelligently.  We intend to be inclusive and offer support and kindness to everyone we share our practice with.  We intend to acknowledge that sharing the energy of our practice with one another is a gift that we give to one another.  We intend to learn more and expand our practice so that, in good times and bad, our practice becomes a source of calm and an oasis in these challenging times. 

A community studio also provides opportunities to support everyone in that community—families with young children, older adults, mothers, fathers, adults and children with special needs—everyone!  We must recognize that we are all connected through our humanity and acknowledge that our yoga practice has profound power in our own bodies and lives, but also in the lives of everyone we meet and those we may never meet.  This type of power needs to be created and supported by community. Sure, you can grab a class at your gym or drop-in and have an anonymous experience–but when you actively participate in a yoga community then you are really taking responsibility for the power of your yoga.   It’s not just a class you take–it’s a choice that you make!

The current location will become “The Annex.”  The Matrika Annex will be used for small-group classes, private sessions, children’s yoga classes, prenatal and postnatal classes and meditation.  In addition to a full schedule of drop-in yoga and pilates classes, Yoga Matrika will also start to offer advanced yoga training (advanced meaning anyone who has practiced yoga for 6-months or more) and a variety of teacher training programs.  Yoga Matrika instructors are some of the best trained in the city and continuing education keeps us creative and safe.  Yoga Matrika will also continue to offer regular Karmic Salon events so that we can have an opportunity to enjoy the creative efforts of our community and gather together “off mat.” 

Pittsburgh has many wonderful yoga studios and instructors.  We are so fortunate to have these resources here in the city and I am honored to be a part of this team of people and communities that support great yoga in Pittsburgh.

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