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Yoga Pittsburgh: Make a Rainbow of Gray

Well, it’s here.  Officially, winter has not yet arrived, but what certainly has are the days of gray.  This is the type of weather that gives “whiter shade of pale” a whole new meaning.  I would like to invite you to make a rainbow of these gray days and allow yourself the freedom and comforts of gray: spend time with a pot of tea and someone whose voice you love to listen to, knit and create more, pop your own popcorn and read a story to a child or adult and, of course, do more yoga!   Sometimes just bringing your awareness to your breath and making gentle movements in the upper spine can bring just the lift of spirit and body you need to inspire the rest of your day.  Here is a gentle exercise you can use anytime and anywhere to boost your mood:

Open your heart: seated in a comfortable position on a chair or on the floor, place your hands palms down on your thighs.  As you inhale through your nose, bring your heart forward and roll your shoulders back behind you.  As you exhale through your mouth, round through your back as you roll your shoulders forward, dropping your chin towards your heart.  As you inhale and open your heart, your palms will move along your thighs towards your body and as you exhale and round, your plams will move away from you.

2.  Reach towards the sky: Seated in a chair, with your arms by your sides, inhaling a breath through your nose lift your arms up beside you bringing your palms together above your head.  Keeping your arms up overhead, relax your face/neck/jaw and release your shoulders away from your ears.  Exhaling through your mouth, release your arms down by your sides.

To finish your energy boost, place your right hand over your heart and your left hand over your navel center (belly button).  Feel the weight of your hands and the movements of your body under your palms when you breathe in and out. 

Cheer up Pittsburgh!  Each day gets a little longer starting December 22nd and it’s always darkest just before the light!!!!

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