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Welcome Jill!

The Universe has brought a number of absolute angels into my life who have saved me when I most needed a little (and sometimes a BIG) lift.  Yoga Matrika has benefited from many of these most magnificent and generous individuals who share their teachings with our community.  It’s not easy, glamorous or, let’s be honest here….lucrative, to be a yoga instructor.  While I would never want to diminish the amazing value of the dedication and commitment of regular instructors, there have been a few instructors who have come to save the day that I would like to acknowledge.  First, there was Julie Straub….who, with very little introduction, took on pre-natal classes and flow classes last year.  Then, Heidi Zellie ran the entire studio for a week when I needed to be away for my grandmother’s funeral….and we hadn’t even met yet!  And now, I would like to introduce you to Jill Rosenthal…..our newest Yoga Matrika ANGEL.  Jill will be subbing for many of my classes while I finish out this somewhat challenging semester.  She is a Pittsburgher who currently lives in Australia and she is in town for just a short time…….but long enough to save me!  Jill has over 500 hours of training with YogaWorks and is also certified to teach pre-natal yoga.  She has a lot to offer our community and I know that you will enjoy all the classes that you take with her.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back in December, but I KNOW that we’ll be missing Jill for a long time………so catch her while you can!

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