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While I have always harbored a love of dance and desire to move with grace and agility, my body has not been the most cooperative vehicle for bringing this love into fruition.  I love it, but I can’t seem to get it right.  I know this about myself and this awareness has served me well.  Once, I went out on a date with a (seemingly) wonderful man who suggested that, on our next date, we go swing dancing.  I confidently swung my hair aside and smiled to say that I thought it would be fabulous.  Inside, I was already frantic thinking about how I could learn how to swing dance in time for whenever this next date would be.  The next morning, I had already signed-up for swing dance lessons and went every night that week to a local club that offered nightly lessons and live music.  As Mr. Wonderful never called me again, it turns out that I had an infinite amount of time to learn, but my fear of even the possibility of dancing led me to an immediate obsession with the task.  The good news is that I learned to swing dance and enjoyed many fabulous nights of music and movement.   The bad news is that I never again met a man that wanted anything more than a second date who thought swing dancing was more fun than a root canal. 

All this to say that I love dancing.  So, this fall, I decided to add some dance inspired classes to the Yoga Matrika schedule.  Mindful movement is therapeutic and Yoga Matrika is delighted to offer a Thursday morning Yoga Booty Ballet class with Aleta and a Thursday afternoon Yoga Inspired Modern Dance class with Mercedes.  Get your body moving, heart pumping and limbs shaking and expand your idea of what is possible with your body and mind.  Try these new classes and let these new skills inspire your practice.  You never know what a little dance might bring into your life!

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