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Yoga and Grief

Many of you know that my beloved Grandmother passed away last week.  So many of you have been supportive and kind and I appreciate everything that the Yoga Matrika community has done to make this time gentler for me.  I have been most overwhelmed by the way grief has settled in my body and I have found a new appreciation for my yoga practice. The gift of a regular practice is that you notice the micro-changes.  In my first practice after the funeral I  noticed immediately that my thighs were tight, my hamstrings and life nerve choked and I had significant discomfort in my neck.  The additional gift of a regular practice is that I have a method to both be physically present with my sadness and to work through these emotions on a physical level.  I also purchased the most fabulous ocean green yarn at KnitOne and I plan to make a special wrap to keep me warm and remind me of this most beautiful, empathetic, intuitive and creative woman who taught me both to knit and to swim.  The fabric of water is the fabric of our muscle and bone.  We can use the waves of our energies to create peace in our heart-minds, bodies and world.  This is our yoga.   Your yoga practice is a gift to the fabric of peace that creates a beautiful light in our studio, in our community, in our city and in our world.  Do not underestimate the power of your practice.

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