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New Teachers and Students

Hello and Peace to the Yoga Matrika Community!  I would like to extend a special welcome to Wendy Mackin who is teaching a mindful class at “The Mat” on Thursdays at 10:00am.  I had the great fortune of taking this class today and I have felt like I was walking on sunshine for the entire day.  Wendy had us focus on moving and breathing from our navel centers and I can’t honestly say that I got in touch with this during the class, but it changed the way I felt all day.  I definitely sat and walked taller and felt confident and light.  This experience reminded me that we can explore our practice and experience our bodies in so many different ways that yoga truly offers a lifetime of challenges and opportunities for inquiry and growth.  Thank you Wendy!  Cindy Warden is teaching at 8:45 on Tuesday mornings now and I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a fabulous and energetic class.  Cindy offers great techniques for opening the body and deepening your practice.  Finally, have you noticed that Julie Straub is going to start offering a 5:45 class on Thursday evenings and that I will be offering two Sunday flow classes this month?  Take advantage of the new student $30 for 30-days of unlimited yoga or the $125 for unlimited yoga in January and February (it’s STILL worth it!) and deepen your practice this winter.

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