In anthropology, fieldwork is the process of going into an environment that you wish to understand in a deep and meaningful way to build relationships and understand processes, systems, symbols, art, science, language and more through that relationship building process.

The environment that I work in is the biofield.  The biofield is the energetic anatomy of the body and is recognized by many as a system where we hold incredible healing power.  We are increasingly anxious and feeling overwhelmed.  Some of us are incredibly sensitive and our sensory system is feeling the trauma of the earth, the suffering of others who lack adequate clean water to maintain life or are experiencing war or ethnic cleansing.  Some of us are experiencing chronic health problems, serious illness that threatens our very life, or incredible grief over significant loss of family and friends, career, or a life-style lost to pandemic.  These are very real things and disrupt our ability to regulate our emotional state.  While dysregulated, our bodies release chemicals that harm us in an attempt to escape the perceived danger, but without an end in sight, we are drowning in the confused haze of our own toxic chemical pool.  In this state of being, the medications we take are less effective, our therapies of medicine and mind are impacted by our clouded insight and difficulty in making decisions.  We are, in this culture, held accountable for our own health.   While the term “self-care” has become common, what most of us need goes way beyond coloring books and a warm bath.

This is where field-work comes in.  The first step in our process is to relax.  I guide you into a deep relaxation using verbal guidance.  Many of my clients prefer to lie down and have me on speaker phone.  Many fall asleep during this process and that is absolutely fine.  The type of sleep that you fall into allows you to continue to do fieldwork whether you are conscious of it or not.  And, really, getting relaxed enough to rest may be exactly what you need.  Once you are fully regulated and in a calm state, only then can you access the healing power of the biofield.  After the relaxation, I take us both into a space of non-being.  Here, we work together to co-regulate around your most significant concern. Using techniques of yoga, Chinese energy (qigong), and somatic therapy, I will guide you in this non-being space to visualize healing on a cellular level.  This sounds much more complicated than it is.  For example, for my clients who are in treatment for leukemia (a type of blood cancer), we visualize different kinds of blood cells re-generating in the marrow of the bones based on where they are in their chemotherapy and what the medical treatment is trying to accomplish.   Or, for my clients who are undergoing treatment for challenges with fertility, we work on preparing eggs for IVF or visualizing embryonic development.

Sometimes, you don’t have a specific complaint, but you are emotionally overwhelmed or experiencing a significant amount of anxiety and worry.  It can be deeply helpful to set aside time to relax.  Most of my clients come out of the deep relaxation feeling more confident, refreshed, and able to think more clearly about solving problems that have potential solutions.  Not every problem can be solved!  Fieldwork helps us enter a state of equanimity that supports our acceptance of the grief and pain that is uniquely ours to experience.  This grief does not have to become un-ease.  The more we accept and relax into the more difficult parts of human existence, the more we can see that we can live with these pains rather than in spite of them.

Step One

The more I know about you, what brings you to fieldwork, and what kinds of medical treatment you are receiving, the more specific my guidance in the non-being space can be.  I usually find that an initial 30-45 minute consult before we begin fieldwork together and then 5-10 minutes at the beginning of each individual session are all that is needed.  We can do this using Zoom and I work with teens and adults all over the world who are seeking biofield energy work in English.

Step Two

Fieldwork sessions are available in 20, 40, and 60 minute lengths.  The first 5-10 minutes of each session is time for me to learn any new information on your current pain or treatment in order to uniquely craft the work to the specific needs in that moment.  Then, you lie down somewhere comfortable and I will guide you into a state of relaxation where we work together in the biofield.  In order to prepare for your session, you find a place where you have some privacy and will not be disrupted and wear comfortable clothing.  Most of my clients find that setting some kind of alarm for waking them up, if they need to get back to their day after the session, helps them to be able to completely relax and not worry about falling asleep. At the end of the session, I will quietly say good-bye, but never expect a response.

Step Three

You continue with your life, medical treatment, and watch as your fieldwork starts to improve your well-being and quality of life over time.  You don’t have to do any exercises or change your diet.  You don’t have to be flexible.  Fieldwork is profound in that it occurs in a space that is not the body, but also is the body.  You will feel better.  The medicine you are taking will be more efficient and effective.  The therapy you are doing will become deeper and more healing.  You will start to find, with repeat practice, that you can take yourself into this deeply regulated state.  Most of my clients find that they can improve their quality of sleep, ability to fall asleep, and find a sense of calm in a stressful situation, by remembering the process of a session and talking themselves through it.  I will never make a diagnosis or suggest you make any changes to your current medical and mental health treatment.  I am not a doctor and I work with you in the biofield, but the healing is all YOU.  I am merely with you as a guide into that non-being state.  This is not a medical treatment.  Fieldwork is about you learning how to use the power you already have in the energetic anatomy of your body-mind.  Just like Dorothy, you had the ability all along.  I’m just there to remind you.

Ready to feel better?  Simply fill out this form to schedule your consult.  You are under no obligation to have any fieldwork sessions if either of us feel that this isn’t a good fit for you after our consultation.