Cherry Blossom Girl


A workshop for women facilitated by Sharon F. Rudyk
SUNDAY, May 19, 2013 from 2:00 to 4:30 pm
$35 (tuition includes a cycle tracker kit and all handouts)

Space is LIMITED.  Please call Mookshi Wellness Center to pre-register: (412) 407-7829
Location: Mookshi Wellness Center, 401 Biddle Avenue, 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh

In this workshop, you will be re-introduced to your amazing menstrual cycle on physical, spiritual and energetic levels.  The cost of the workshop includes a kit with everything you need to learn about fertility signs and tracking the length and phases of your own unique cycle.  Never be surprised by your period again!  You will learn a unique yoga-based meditation to tune into the energy your moon cycle to help you time creative projects, big decisions and times for rest and rejuvenation.  Respect your natural energetic rhythms and learn self-care techniques for PMS, painful periods and pelvic pain from the seemingly mysterious to ovarian cysts and other challenges to fertility and reproductive health for women.  This workshop is for women of all ages and in all phases of cycling.  Young women under the age of 17 may enjoy attending with a wise woman who is over the age of 25 who can support them in understanding this alternative approach to women’s health and wellness.  Even if you are entering menopause or have experienced menopause, this workshop will be enlightening and you will learn techniques for greater health that you will use each and every day.  This workshop is a beautiful way to heal your relationship with the cyclical nature of womanhood and embrace one of your greatest powers.

Chakras in Lotus


A workshop facilitated by Sharon F. Rudyk
SUNDAY, April 28, 2013  from 1:00-3:00 pm

Register by calling Mookshi Wellness Center: (412) 407-7829

In this workshop, we will explore a variety of yoga-based movements for body and breath that help prepare the body, mind and spirit for meditation.  Sharon will introduce practice ideas for meditators who want to do yoga to help solve common obstacles faced by adults with a regular meditation practice.  We look at ways to increase energy, calm agitation, relieve stress, open the hips and ease back tension.  In this active workshop we explore asana that provide support for a seated meditation practice and a few restorative and rejuvenating tricks that super-charge the benefits of meditation.  You will learn how to find a more comfortable seat, address aches and pains associated with a seated practice and find relief for physical obstacles that may be preventing you from enjoying a rewarding meditation practice experience.

Location: möökshï wellness center, above Biddle’s Escape Café at 401 Biddle Avenue, Pittsburgh

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