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False Claims

Dear Matrika Moms and Dads: Regardless of how you choose to feed your baby, the fact that this product is available on the market should concern you.  It concerns me. This product makes the claim that “they” (a computer provides a statistical analysis report) can tell …

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Prenatal Yoga DVDs

Understandably, during pregnancy, the predictable becomes the unpredictable as your world and your place in it is constantly shifting.  You may find yourself wide awake at 3am and fast asleep by 4pm.  You may feel a strong desire to practice yoga at times when a local …

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Pain and Yoga

In Leboyer’s classic book of yoga for pregnant women, Inner Beauty, Inner Light, he includes an interesting analysis of how pain during practice should be treated.  Pregnant or not, this analysis applies to all yoga practitioners and provides a way of thinking about pain that is …

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