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Prenatal Programs

9.18.16 Yoga for Labor and Birth at Mookshi Wellness Center

For the past 20-years, I have refined an approach to yoga during pregnancy that is inspired by Tibetan yoga subtle body anatomy and informed by contemporary reproductive science.  Using this unique style, I have worked with thousands of expectant women and their families to help them feel empowered, vital and filled with joy–not fear–during their pregnancies.  I have also trained almost 250-yoga teachers and professionals all over the world who work with pregnant women so that this nourishing practice can be shared with as many people as possible.

      • Emphasis on Tantric subtle body anatomy
      • Focus on how culture impacts the experience of pregnancy
      • Use of Buddhist philosophy applied to  yoga
      • Visualization and meditation specific to pregnancy
      • Gentle, yet incredibly powerful practice for strength and grace

Practice Matrika Prenatal Yoga


Matrika-Prenatal-Book.jpgSubscribe to my newsletter  and get a FREE copy of my Matrika Prenatal Yoga eBook including a 45-minute audio-guided practice.  This is a wonderful practice for pregnant women, but also a beautiful and gentle yoga practice for anyone who needs to stretch and relax.
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Become a Matrika Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Professional Development Courses

I also offer two online courses for yoga teachers and other professionals who work with pregnant women.   If you have questions about this distinction or the difference between programs, please send Sharon an email:  Certified Matrika Prenatal Yoga instructors offer nourishing and dynamic fertility, pregnancy and postpartum classes all over the world.
CEU Credit Course
Matrika Prenatal Certification

Pregnancy Coach & Private Childbirth Education

Holistic Pregnancy and Birth Coaching

I am available for private coaching sessions to help you make decisions during your pregnancy, offer nutrition information, private yoga sessions, birth vision, childbirth education and postpartum planning and support. These sessions are available at a distance through email, phone, SKYPE and FaceTime or in my offices in Regent Square and Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  These sessions are for expectant women and, if they choose, their birth partner(s).  I offer limited birth doula services only to my private clients here in Pittsburgh, but am happy to recommend my favorite birth doulas who are likely to have more availability.
Pregnancy Coaching


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When you sign up for my Matrika Prenatal e-mail subscription, you will be invited to a FREE Online Course: Yoga During Pregnancy

Learn all about the benefits and risks of prenatal yoga, how to modify your practice for safety and comfort and how to find a great class wherever you are in the world.  BONUS: a FREE copy of my e-book, Matrika Prenatal, and a 45-minute audio download that will guide you through the practice.


Matrika-Prenatal-Book.jpgMatrika Prenatal Yoga E-Book and Audio

Guide and Audio Practice for a Gentle Prenatal Yoga Class ($10 for book and audio download)