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No Judgement Cleaning & Organizing

I work with families in Pittsburgh who are looking for a non-judgmental house cleaning service that also incorporates mindful organizing and compassionate personal assistance.


Is there nowhere to sit in your home?  Are there piles of magazines, newspapers, plastic yogurt containers, mail….uhhhm…..everywhere?  Can you never find your keys?  Sick and tired of trying to play the shame game around whose turn it was to clean the bathroom?  Find yourself eating take-out or prepared foods because you aren’t even sure what is in your refrigerator?  Does the idea of having an overnight guest in your home give you hives?

It doesn’t matter how it got this way.  Really.

My goal is to work with you to both organize and clean your home so that it feels good, nourishing, open, and welcoming to YOU.  I don’t have some perfect ideal in mind, although I bet you do!  That perfectionism coupled with the very real demands on your time with children, parents, career, pets, hobbies, civic duty, religious obligations, your partnership, school—-everything—-well, it’s a perfect storm where you keep promising you are going to deal with it, but it doesn’t get dealt with.  You end up uncomfortable in your home, feeling like you never have enough time, and experiencing a general sense that your life is just passing you by while you don’t have a chance to actually enjoy any of it.


  • 1st clean, emergency clean (as in, my in-laws will be here in 3-hours and I need a miracle), party preparation, after party clean-up, etc.  is $50 an hour with a 4-hour minimum.
  • 2nd clean and beyond, organizing: $30 an hour with a 4-hour minimum
  • special projects (making a sewing room, seasonal clothing storage, organizing a closet, etc.): $40 an hour with a 2-hour minimum
  • errands: post-office, grocery shopping, typing, mail sorting, meal planning, dry cleaning, dropping off or picking up paperwork, meal preparation, laundry, making beds, etc. is $30 an hour with a 2-hour minimum

Call me at 412-855-5692 for a complementary house visit or to schedule your services.  I only work with a small number of families at any given time so that I can truly create a partnership with my clients.  I schedule emergency and single visit services as I am available and give preference to my existing clients.  If you are having a difficult time reaching me on the phone, feel free to send an e-mail and we can schedule that way:

Are you going to sell your home? Do you need to move? Would you like to downsize? Are you getting older and would like to de-clutter your space? Empty nest not really “empty”? I work with older adults on creating safe and beautiful homes free of clutter.


I work with older adults to create clean, safe, and beautiful living spaces.

Is your house full of books you’ve never read and are never going to read, clothes that haven’t fit in years, lots of plastic yogurt containers, pens and pencils that will never write again, and….that closet, that drawer, that room, that BASEMENT that is dangerously full of you have no idea what but it seemed like putting whatever it was in there was a good idea at the time?

While you may feel anxious at the idea of donating, selling, or getting rid of your belongings, I can help you release the fear and the stuff that is keeping you from enjoying your home and having the time and energy to do all the things you love to do.

Are you trying to clear out your parent’s old home, but it’s just too emotional for you to do it yourself and you find that it just isn’t getting done? Sometimes, just having a neutral party present as you sort provides the support you need to get the job done and feel good about the decisions you make.

Are you moving out of a big house into a condominium or smaller living situation? Let me provide compassionate support as you decide what to keep, what to store, what to donate, and what to give away.

My downsizing, clutter clearing, cleaning and moving assistance services are all $30 an hour with a 4-hour minimum. Please call me today and I will be happy to come and visit with you and see how I can be helpful. My initial visit is free of charge and I will give you an honest estimate of how much time I think it will take to complete your project. It’s important to me that we feel compatible as partners. I NEVER discard or even move an object or item in your home without your explicit permission.

Do you have an urgent need to clear space fast for a home or condominium sale? Are you trying to sell a home and need someone to come in daily to clean for potential buyer visits? If I have time in my schedule, I’m happy to pop over and make magic happen—and fast. Call me anytime to arrange for an urgent need and I am happy to help whenever I can: 412-855-5692.