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Make Room: Clutter Clearing Kula

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Join our online clutter clearing kula! You will have access to online discussion boards, webinars, audio guides, instructional videos and more. We clear emotional, physical and spiritual clutter in a supportive, nourishing and mindful environment.



MAKE ROOM is my signature group coaching program including: an online course, webinars, guided audio recordings, resource lists and suggested practice exercises for releasing physical, mental and energetic clutter.  If you are tired of the clutter, a racing mind, living in fear and not having the time or energy to spend time with the people you love doing what you absolutely delight in doing, then this is a perfect place to begin.  I originally created this group program to raise funds for my son’s first phase of orthodontic care that was not going to be covered by his insurance.  An amazing community of people reached out to support us and the program has been so successful that I am going to continue to offer it.

MAKE ROOM is an online program with instruction in how to clear physical clutter from any space from your purse to your bedroom closet to your car and office. We will also look at how to make mental space by releasing fear, worry and negative thoughts that hold you back.  You will learn how to use breathing, visualization, meditation and gentle movement to create mental and physical space, open your heart and find the courage to name what you want and to go and get it.


Make Room: Curriculum

Free Your Mind:Learn how to meditate and experience more joy.


Clear Away Clutter:Free your space of clutter so you can feel centered.


Manage Fear: Let go of anxiety, worry and fear and liberate yourself.


Create Time : Live the dream of your life…for REAL! Never feel “busy” again.


What is Included in the Program?

After you confirm your subscription, you will receive a FREE invitation to ENROLL in MAKE ROOM where you can find all of the curriculum content, online discussion boards, audio guides for practice exercises, webinar online workshop events, teleseminars and more.

Unit Topics
  1. Introduction to the Course: includes basic meditation instruction
  2. Anatomy of Mind: cultivate awareness, mindfulness and compassion
  3. Clear Clutter: letting go of what no longer serves your happiness
  4. Working with Fear: how to manage the fears that come with letting go
  5. Create Time: how to make time for what you love and never feel busy again
Video/Workshop Topics
  1. Letting Go of Goals
  2. Creating Mind Space
  3. Managing Our Relationship with Stuff
  4. Working With Our Fears
  5. Create Time

Making an Investment

Because this is my introductory group coaching program, it’s important to me that everyone who wants to participate is able to do so. This online is my gift so that I can share these techniques that enrich my life and quality of well-being.  Your access is FREE when you subscribe and there are no tricks or hidden costs.  The entire curriculum is available to you.  If you wish to make a financial offering, please read below and know that ANY amount is welcome and helpful.

I would like you to know that I was inspired to create this offering in 2015 by a health crisis that my young son is experiencing and I hope you will continue to read below how important your investment is to my family.  If you do wish to offer a financial investment, please know that it means a great deal to me.  Whether you choose to pay $8 a month, make a one-time $50 payment or choose an amount that works for your budget, you have paid tuition in full. The energetic investment is all up to you! The more time you put into learning these techniques and practicing the more you will get out of the course. I will take you to the cool stream, but it is up to you to take a drink.

$8 Per Month $50 Single Payment Any Amount

Inspiration for Make Room

In October of this year, we discovered that my nine-year old son Nick has significant issues with impacted teeth and a lack of space that is going to require two-phases of comprehensive orthodontic care and surgeries.  The first phase of orthodontic care, the one where we will make space, costs almost $6,000 and his health insurance does not cover any part of this.  Many of you know that my little family has already been through a difficult number of years.  My children and I have moved over four-times in two-years and, in January of 2015, my son was in a very bad sledding accident and ended up in a wheelchair for almost five months.  We lost our apartment and I wasn’t able to work for a number of months while I carried him everywhere and took him for medical appointments and helped him heal.

Nick’s orthodontic care is necessary to save him from a childhood of pain and to make every effort possible to save his adult teeth.  This is not simply a cosmetic need.  Without intervention as soon as possible, Nick will likely have a great deal of pain for years until he eventually loses all six of his front teeth in his upper jaw.  Since some of his adult teeth are impacted, they will require surgery so that they can be captured and slowly pulled down.  Right now, they are both impacted and coming out at a 60 degree angle.  Last week, for the first time in our lives, I received a call from Nick’s school saying that he was in so much mouth pain that he needed to be picked up from school.  Until Nick’s sledding accident, he had only missed about 3-days of school due to illness since kindergarten.  Nick is a wonderful student and loves being active at school, being with his friends, and working really hard.  To see him suffer like this is terrible.

I know that a lot of my students, clients and members of the Yoga Matrika community have already done a great deal to help support me and my family.  Last year, someone sent me an anonymous gift card for Giant Eagle in December and it came at just the moment when I wasn’t sure how I was going to buy groceries that week.  When we had to leave our house and my children needed to share a room, two of my students bought a bunk bed and other furniture that eased the loss and made the move more fun.  And, it gave my children a safe place to sleep.  I don’t want to ask for “donations” as I am not a non-profit.  Although I hope that my work in the world is of service and creates greater peace and well-being, it is work and this is my business for which I intend to financially profit from.

In honor of my family’s critical need for more space at this time, I have created a new program called “Make Room”.  Just as I need to invest in care that will help make space in my beloved son’s mouth, I know that many of us feel that we need to make room in our lives for both necessities and desires.  We feel like those impacted teeth: cluttered, stuck, overwhelmed and cramped. Your investment in this program will go directly to helping me pay for Nick’s comprehensive orthodontic care and, I hope, to making room in your life for what is a priority for you.