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Family Assistant

I work with families with newborns and young children in the East End of the City of Pittsburgh:

dreamstime_xs_25651651House Cleaning & Personal Assistance

I use all natural products with personally selected essential oils to create a safe and nourishing environment in your home.  I also manage clutter clearing projects, run errands, go grocery shopping, take care of cats, and prepare meals. I specialize in slow cooking delicious vegetarian meals, but I can make your family favorites according to your taste and preference.

cropped-Kissing-Baby.jpgPostpartum Doula

I am delighted to work with families who have recently welcomed a new baby into their home.  I make sure that parents can eat, shower, and rest by taking care of infants, preparing meals, running errands, and doing light housekeeping so you can focus on the important task of self-care and family bonding.  My preference is always to meet with the family during the pregnancy, but I am delighted to take emergency emergency calls according to my availability.

dreamstime_xs_17773655House Cleaning and Personal Assistant Fees

All services are $30 an hour with a three-hour minimum.  For larger projects or longer contracted periods of time, I work with families on pricing for individual packaging.  I also offer gift cards and packages so you can gift my assistance to your friend or family.

2694477_HiResConsult and Scheduling

Please call me directly to arrange a consultation and schedule: 412-855-5692.