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Have a Cuppa for Holiday Tension

Many of my yoga students confide in me that they “can’t meditate.”  In most cases, this is based on a misunderstanding of what meditation is.  In many cases, I inform my students that, in fact, they have been meditating with me for years in our practices together!  Here is a meditation in the form of a tea drinking ritual that everyone can enjoy and an added breathing exercise with aromatherpy for even more emotional balance.

Making an excellent cup of tea takes time.  Use this time to focus on what you are doing.  This ritual starts with the selection of your tea making equipment and mug.  If at all possible, boil fresh water in a kettle on the stove or an electric kettle.  If you must use a microwave, then you must, but for this ritual, it would be most effective if you boiled the water using heat generated from electricity or natural gas so that you can listen to the sound of the water bubbling and boiling.  The type of tea that we will be using for our tension taming ritual is Earl Grey tea.  Use whatever brand and either caffeinated or non-caffeinated, but you want a delicious and full-scented Early Grey.  This type of tea is scented with Bergamot, an essential oil derived from the peel of a citrus fruit.  It is a very special and effective form of aromatherapy that has deeply healing benefits.  This beautiful organic black tea has both the benefits of bergamot and lavender.  I’ve never tried it myself, but it looks delicious!  Please let me know if you do try this tea and let me know how you like it.  If you are looking for a recommendation, I have tried this loose leaf tea and it is absolutely fabulous.  If you prefer tea bags, then I find that Tazo Tea’s Earl Grey is very smooth and has a lovely bergamot aroma.  I like the taste of Twinings, but find that it is light on aroma and perhaps not as affective for this ritual as these others might be.  Avoid a “Lady Grey” tea as they tend to be light versions of Earl Grey.  Again, nothing wrong with Lady Grey teas!  It’s just that we want a full bodied aroma for this ritual.  There are also green tea versions of Earl Grey tea if you prefer lower caffeine and the benefits of green tea as well as caffeine free roobios versions.  Find a great tea that works for your diet and lifestyle considerations.  These links are just suggestions to get you started on your Earl Grey tea selection journey.  These companies are not paying me and I don’t get any benefit when or if you purchase your teas.  Please experiment and find the best tea for your taste.  Enjoyment of your cuppa is a big part of this ritual!

Does it have to be Early Grey tea? 

For this particular ritual, yes, it has to be Earl Grey tea.  This being said, if you don’t like drinking tea or know that you don’t appreciate the flavor or aroma of Earl Grey tea, then don’t torture yourself!  The whole point of this ritual is to decrease tension and increase joy.  Consuming a beverage that you can’t enjoy is going to negate any benefit you might receive from this ritual.  All this means is that this particular ritual is not for you.  I plan on designing many little ritual-based meditations, so search the blog and try another idea that works for you.

This ritual is based on the healing aspects of bergamot—both the oil and the aroma of the oil.  Here are just a few of these benefits:

*relieves tension, anxiety and depression

*the oil itself can be gargled to disinfect the mouth and used for cold sores (especially cold sores that appear when stress arises)

*the oil is excellent for preventing urinary tract infections

*create a spray mist of bergamot to clear stale air (especially effective if you have a tobaco smoke smell to deal with)

This ritual is about dealing with tension and not about perfection.  So, don’t clean your kitchen first or delay the ritual until you run the dishwasher or clear the table of all the present wrapping and junk mail that comes with this time of year.  Just do it.  Personally, I always have to laugh when Yoga Journal or even Martha Stewart Living magazines (both of which I love by the way!) offer advice on how to relieve stress that involve pictures of women who are clearly well-rested, not covered in baby food or bits o’ toddler snacks and live in homes that have been cleaned by a team of others.  The advice usually starts with setting yourself up in a quiet space where you can be left alone in your fabulously new and clean “relaxation practice outfit”………..HA! For this ritual, all you need is a (relatively) clean mug, a way to boil water and about fifteen minutes.  You don’t have to be alone.  You don’t need a special outfit.  So, just push that “stuff” to the side and make it happen!  This being said, as this ritual involves boiling water and a very hot beverage, you may want to wait until your baby or toddler has gone to sleep for a nap or is having quiet time if you are in the care of young children…… don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Seven Step Cuppa Ritual  for Tension Relief

Step 1: Boil fresh cold water.  While you wait for the water to boil, wash your mug if it isn’t already clean and really experience the process—-the texture of the sponge, the way the warm water feels on your hands, smell the soap.  If your mug is clean, you may want to take this time to wash your hands and perhaps apply some sandalwood, grapefruit, rose or lavender scented lotion.  As the water starts to boil, listen to the qualities of bubbling and the energy of heat acting on the water.  That’s a nice sound.  Perhaps your kettle whistles or your electric kettle has a tiny bell to alert you to the fact that the water has come to a boil?  Really listen.

Step 2: Pour the water over your tea bag or tea leaves either in a cup or a teapot as you wish.  Listen to the sounds.  Feel the weight of the kettle in your hands. Feel the weight of the water shift from the kettle to your mug or pot.  When you are done pouring, place your face a comfortable distance from the rising steam and smell the first aroma of the Earl Grey tea.  Light.  Feel the warmth of the scent when accompanied by steam.  Feel how your breath changes as you inhale the warm and damp air above your cup or teapot. 

Step 3: Wait for it to brew.  I’m not sure how long you would need to brew a green tea or a roobios tea version, but for black tea, no longer than 3-5 minutes or the Earl Grey tea can get bitter.  Set a timer so you don’t have to think about it.  As you wait, take deep breaths into your body and count.  When you exhale, take longer to release the breath than you did to inhale the breath.  If your sinuses are open, try breathing in and out through your nose.  Inhale and slowly, slowly, slowly release the breath. 

Step 4: Make your cup your own.  I like to add a teaspoon of honey and a splash of milk.  Perhaps you prefer lemon?  Do whatever you need to do to make your cup of tea as delicious as possible.

Step 5: Find a place to sit.  Yes, that’s right.  Sit down.  Push all the stuffed animals, socks and cheeze-it crumbs to the side, make room for your butt and then sit.  As you wait for your tea to cool, become aware of your environment.  Listen to the sounds of the room, feel the temperature of the air on your skin, notice the sensation of the parts of your body that are touching your seat and then feel your body, your skin, your feet. 

Step 6: Don’t rush!  Burning your mouth is not pleasant.  When you feel that your tea has cooled to a temperature that is appropriate for you, then take your cup to your mouth and take a sip.  Feel that each warm smallow of tea is bringing liquid calm to every cell in your body.  Be confident that this cup of tea is going to improve your well-being.  Through this ritual and this cup of tea you are giving yourself the greatest gift possible.  The gift of the present moment.

Step 7: After you have finished  your tea, do a gentle scan of your body before you stand up.  Starting with your toes, feel and relax your whole body: feet, legs, belly, low back, middle back, upper back, heart, arms, hands, throat, neck, jaw, face, skull and all the space around you.  Enjoy this feeling.  Your whole body relaxed.  That’s a nice feeling!

Repeat your little ritual as often as you like!  Take the time to make time for the present moment and you will be delighted in how even a minimal investment is returned to you exponentially. 

Bergamot Oil for a Calming and Balancing Pranayama

For this aromatherapy enhanced breathing exercise, you will need to purchase some high quality bergamot oil.  I exclusively recommend and sell Floracopeia essential oils.  They are very high quality and you can count on them to be pure and magical.  If you are a new customer to Floracopeia, then Sharon offers a special 25% off discount to all of her clients.  In order to receive the 25% discount off your entire order, you will follow this link and enter the DISCOUNT CODE: SharonRudyk.  As bergamot oil on the skin increases your chance of experiencing photo-sensitivities, it is best to do this exercise during the winter or in a climate and environment with low light.  If you live in a place with a lot of sun (lucky you!), then please stay out of the sun for at least 30-minutes after you use the bergamot oil on your hands.  Also, you can become sensative to bergamot over time, so switch up your oil use.  You can do this calming pranayama with different aromas and you are not likely to develop sensitivities to bergamot if you rotate your oils (other choices include clary sage, lavender, rose, cammomile or sandalwood).

Before you start the breathing exercise, place a drop of your chosen essential oil with a little carrier oil—–I like almond oil or jojoba oil if you have nut sensitivities—in the palm of your right hand and then rub your hands together.  Come to a seated pose, either in a seated meditation pose on the floor or sitting upright in a chair, and place your left hand in gyana mudra (thumb tip to index finger tip—like giving the OK sign) on your left thigh or anywhere on your left leg that you can comfortably rest it.  You will be using your right hand to alternatively open and close your nostrils.  

Now you will begin Nadi Shodhana Pranayama which is also called Alternate Nostril Breath or Channel Clearing Breath.  Here is a link to full information and instructions on this breathing exercise. As you have applied the essential oil to your right palm, each time that you breathe-in, you will draw the healing properties of the oil into your body and mind.  Continue in this process for 3 or 5 minutes.  Set a timer so that you can relax, focus on the breath and the scent of your palms and not on the time.

Step by Step

Sit in a comfortable asana and make Mrigi Mudra. Beginning pranayama students may have some difficulty holding their raised arm in position for the length of the practice. You can put a bolster across your legs and use it to support your elbow.

Gently close your right nostril with your thumb. Inhale through your left nostril, then close it with your ring-little fingers. Open and exhale slowly through the right nostril.

Keep the right nostril open, inhale, then close it, and open and exhale slowly through the left. This is one cycle. Repeat 3 to 5 times, then release the hand mudra and go back to normal breathing. (NOTE: some yoga schools begin this sequence by first closing the left nostril and inhaling through the right; this order is prescribed in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, 2.7-10).


  • Lowers heart rate and reduces stress and anxiety
  • Said to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain
  • Said to purify the subtle energy channels (nadis) of the body so the prana flows more easily during pranayama practice

(Instructions and pranayama information all thanks to Yoga Journal)

This little ritual for real people is brought to you by Sharon Rudyk of Sharon Rudyk Yoga based in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.  Sharon is an independent yoga instructor offering mindful yoga and meditation practices, teacher training programs, mindful approaches to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting and classes for all ages and abilities.  If you aren’t in Pittsburgh, Sharon would love to come and visit you and also works with long distance clients using SKYPE technology.  Call Sharon at your convenience for a free consultation (412) 855-5692 and visit Sharon’s website for more information:

We Can Be Buddhas

Excellent Ted Talk by Robert Thurman about the ego and that our misperception that what we are is inside our skin.  Short, sweet, interesting and inspiring!

Yoga for Happy Holidays

The “holiday season” can be rough—-maybe your holidays are all about “too much”: you eat too much, drink too much, spend too much, cry too much.  Maybe, you find yourself in old patterns and behavior dynamics with friends and family that leave you feeling helpless, confused and angry.  Perhaps you just love the holidays so much that you dread the end of the season and find yourself on January 2nd wondering how it all went by so fast?  The stress of having perfect holiday events, experiences, presents——-it can all just be horrible or fabulous and you either dread it or look forward to it all year or maybe a bit of both.  Rather than try to drown your holiday response in cocktails, onion dip or peppermint bark, and credit card debt why not be proactive?  Let Sharon prescribe an individual mantra (repeated phrase) and mudra (hand pose) that you can use when you need some emergency holiday support!

Sharon is offering special 45-minute Holiday Mantra SKYPE sessions.

In each session, we will start by identifying the thing that concerns you the most about the holidays.  Then, I will offer you:

  1. A mantra/phrase that you can repeat to yourself in times of stress
  2. A mudra/hand pose that you can use to center yourself through the season
  3. A suggested scent that you can use for aromatherapy and meditation to clear your mind and center yourself

I will send you an e-mail after your SKYPE session to confirm your mantra/phrase and remind you of your mudra/hand pose.  Your Holiday Mantra e-mail will also contain a discount code of 25% off essential oil and aromatherapy products that will be suggested during your session.

Schedule at your convenience by phone (412) 855-5692 or by sending an e-mail with up to three days and times that you are available to:  Each session is $35 with payments through PayPal.


Pregnancy and Beyond

Please check out our Matrika Prenatal Website for all our fertility, pregnancy and postpartum classes, workshops and services.

Sign-up for our pregnancy and/or postnatal e-mail newsletter!

Matrika Prenatal Yoga & Exercise Class Schedule

All prenatal yoga classes are offered on an ongoing basis and you can start at any time.


6:00 to 7:00 pm Prenatal Yoga & Exercise at YOGA MATRIKA
Pay online and enroll HERE.

7:00-8:00 pm Seated Meditation at YOGA MATRIKA (2nd & 4th Thursdays)
[Note: this is not specifically a pregnancy class, but meditation is a safe and relaxing practice for women during pregnancy. A great class to share with a friend, partner or husband during your pregnancy!]
Pay online and enroll HERE.

9:30 to 10:30 am
Prenatal Yoga & Exercise at YOGA MATRIKA
Pay online and enroll HERE.


Benefits of Yoga and Meditation During Pregnancy


  • Gentle movements improve posture so that you carry baby correctly and prevent backache
  • Improved circulation mean less varicose veins, hemorrhoids and fluid retention
  • Relieve fatigue
  • Alleviate minor discomforts such as heartburn, pain in hip joints and ribs, muscle cramps and headaches
  • Strengthen the body and learn poses that you can use during labor for comfort
  • Learn pelvic floor exercises and other techniques for strengthening your body for birth
  • Stay toned and fit during pregnancy. Fit moms recover faster from birthing.


  • Balance mood and learn to center body and mind
  • Connect deeply with your baby before they are born


  • Meet other expectant mothers
  • Be a part of a supportive community
  • Have fun!


  • Take the time to be quiet during this pregnancy
  • Access your own strength
  • Become aware of your fears and learn to work with yourself, your baby and your care providers with confidence
  • Know yourself and be better equipped to communicate your needs and desires to your birth partner, care providers and family
  • Create a sacred and special time to relax, hope and dream

What to Expect in a Matrika Prenatal Class

We do not expect prenatal yoga students to have any experience with yoga. Our prenatal yoga classes are appropriate for women in all weeks of pregnancy. Although each instructor has their own style and may provide a different emphasis or tone to their class, all classes include some stretching and breathing exercises, some asana (yoga poses) that will tone and strengthen the body and relaxation. There is no wrong way to do yoga and the more often you practice, the more familiar you will become with the poses. As you become more familiar with the poses and exercises, then you can turn your focus inward. Although some poses may be challenging and you will feel the stretches as you create greater flexibility in your body, you should never feel pain in a yoga class. This is true in any yoga class and not just prenatal yoga! If you are ever uncomfortable or have questions, your instructor can help you modify a pose or answer any questions that you might have. Our classes are intimate and non-competitive so you can receive personalized attention from well-trained instructors.

Our classes are not just gentle yoga classes modified for pregnancy. Our prenatal programs are designed specifically for pregnancy and we use yoga to prepare for birth and for being a mother. Labor, birth and mothering a newborn are not easy tasks. The focus, strength and awareness that you learn in prenatal yoga classes will give you the skills you need to meet these tasks with confidence. We support one another and the entire Matrika community is here for you now and after you have your baby.

Thank you to Red Lotus Photography for the beautiful photographs of Matrika Mammas. Check here for deals on fabulous pregnancy and newborn professional photos just for Matrika students.

CLICK on BANNER to shop for cloth diapers and great products for baby! New customers use code NEW2HBC and get 10% off their first order of $30 or more. Free shipping!

Matrika Mom & Baby Yoga Class Schedule

11:00 to noon Little Om Play Group
Adults with infant 9-months to toddler 2-years
Class starts SEPTEMBER 10, 2012. Class is ongoing and you can start at any time

10:45 to 11:30 am Mom & Baby Yoga/Infant
Mothers or female care givers (this is a women only class) with infants from 4 weeks to one year.
Class starts SEPTEMBER 5, 2012. Class is ongoing and you can start any time

10:30 to 11:45 am Mom and Baby Yoga/Infant
Class is ongoing and you can start any time

Already have a class package? Register Online HERE.

Matrika Mom & Baby Yoga Class Tuition

Your first class at Yoga Matrika is $5

Single Mom & Baby Class $10
[Valid for 12-months from date of purchase]

7-Class Package $70
[Valid for ALL classes at Yoga Matrika for 12-months from date of purchase]


Mom & Baby Yoga

This is a yoga class for moms to share with infants up to one year of age. Toddlers and older children are welcome, but the yoga activities will focus on yoga for babies (gentle stretches, songs and playful movements). Yoga for moms is postnatal appropriate and we will always offer modifications for moms who have had surgical birth or need a more gentle practice for any reason. This is a breastfeeding supportive environment and we support all mothers, no matter how you choose to feed your baby, in feeding baby on demand.

Toddler Om

This is a class for moms and babies between 9-months (active crawling, cruising and early walking) and approximately 18-months. The yoga poses for baby are more active and there is less time and attention given to yoga for mom. Classes are 30-minutes and are a beautiful activity for moms and pre-toddlers and young toddlers to share. We schedule the class back to back with Mom and Baby yoga so you can catch up with all the other Matrika Mammas and babes in between classes. Moms, if you are looking for a class with more yoga for you, we highly recommend finding a way to take an adult yoga class on your own. If you need a recommendation for where to start, just give Sharon a call (412) 855-5692 or ask Rachel during class.

What to wear? What to bring?

You should wear comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in. We practice in bare feet. You will want to bring everything you need to feed baby, diapers, a receiving blanket and any toys or snacks that you need to keep older babies and toddlers happy and comfortable. For your own comfort, please bring a yoga mat and a water bottle. You should bring a towel and burp cloths to pick up spills and thrills.

Mom & Baby Yoga Benefits

  • Increased strength, energy and endurance for mom
  • Recover physically & emotionally from pregnancy and childbirth
  • Stabilize strength in pelvic floor and abdominals
  • Learn yoga techniques to calm and delight baby
  • Bond with your baby and share an activity that brings you both increased health and happiness
  • Network with other new moms and share ideas, resources and support. Make new friends too!
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and some of the aches and pains of motherhood: sore shoulders, back and neck especially
  • Learn ways to cope when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted

Doing Yoga Together:
Preparations and Expectations

You love yoga and now you want to make it a part of your child’s life too. We are delighted that this is the case and we have a few things to keep in mind that will help you and your child enjoy the experience.

Keep an Open Mind

We find that it takes a couple of visits to the studio for children (ok, it’s actually true for adults too!) to understand what the activity is and what is expected of them. You might find that your child acts bored or is not interested in doing yoga. The way that babies and children enjoy yoga classes may be different from the way that you enjoy them. What we know is that, over time, sharing yoga together with your child creates beautiful memories and is time that you will cherish forever.

Prepare for Class

As much as possible, make sure that you and baby have had a snack and are wearing comfortable clothing. Try to leave enough time to get the studio so that there isn’t a lot of stress before class. Bring your little ones favorite toy or comfort item and some snacks as appropriate. Bring a receiving blanket for newborns and pre-crawling infants and a change of clothing and more diapering supplies than you think you need. For young children, after the first class, make sure that you talk with them about it and start talking about it again a few days before class—–remind them of the teacher’s name, another child’s name or some feature of class that they remember (a story, a sound or ritual).

Enjoy the Moment

When we release our expectations, we can enjoy whatever is happening. This is yoga! Yoga together is very different from adult yoga, but it allows us to stay fit and take time to meet our own needs as adults while sharing something that is very important to us with our children. Sometimes it goes as planned and sometimes it is a bit of a disaster, but know that you and your child are never judged at Yoga Matrika. There isn’t one of us who haven’t had a child tantrum during a Mom & Baby class or who didn’t have a baby who cried through an entire class——we welcome you and your little one, even if you are having “one of those days.”

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For everyone who has requested my class play lists for relaxing music for home yoga practice, resting, labor and just to enjoy, here is the mix that I played in class this past Tuesday (listed by artist, album, and song name):

Wah!, The Best of Wah!, Gayatri(Luscious Chill Mix)

Deva Premal, Embrace, Om Namo Bhagavate

David Newman, Love, Peace Chant, Ganesh Gayatri/Rising Sun

Deva Premal and Miten, Satsang-a Meditation in Song and Sil…, Sunrise

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Most Relaxing Classical Music…, The Planets: Venus

Yo-Yo Ma, The Silk Road Ensemble, Silk Road Journeys…, Sacred Cloud Music

Yo-Yo Ma, The Silk Road Ensemble, Silk Road Journeys…, Distant Green Valley

Jean Marie Hays, Deep Relaxation, Music to Relax

Meditation in Pittsburgh

So….Bhante Pema is traveling in Asia and we are missing the Monday night meditation classes at Yoga Matrika.  Please note that Bhante Pema’s fall meditation class series is filling fast and not only is there a $40 discount when you register for the series before July 1st, 2012, but registering for the series now is the only way to guarantee yourself a space in this amazing class series.  Yoga Matrika offers intimate meditation classes with Bhante Pema for $175 (early bird registration before 7/1/12 makes tuition just $135) for the 12-week series.  There is no other meditation class in Pittsburgh like these.  The environment is calm and supportive and the small-group class series allows you to receive personal attention and build your skills over time.

If you need some guidance and inspiration for your practice this summer, why not try an online course?  An online course in meditation will allow you to enjoy the sun, go out and play, and study and practice meditation at your convenience.  It’s hard to come inside and focus when all you really want to do is run through the sprinkler, garden and enjoy time outdoors with your friends, family and loved ones.  So rise early and study or take some time for yourself in the evening when the day of play is done.  This online meditation course is 12-weeks, just like our class series—-so you’ll be all set and ready for class when September 10th comes.  While it may seem now that the summer lies before you as a great expanse, you know that fall will be here in the blink of an eye. 

Just in case you are curious about some of the benefits of meditation, please check out the amazing benefits of meditation here.  Do you ever feel like a victim of your genes?  Read here about how meditation can change genetic expression

Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, owner and director of programs at Yoga Matrika, a boutique yoga center in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.  Small group classes, private sessions, teacher training programs, workshops for all levels and more!

All this Graduation Energy

Has all this graduation energy got you feeling, well, OLD? 

Flexibility is youth—-strong, long and lean muscles and bodies in alignment radiate youth.  It’s not to be found in a bottle, tube or powder…….practice yoga daily for a month and you will find yourself looking younger and feeling younger the following month.  Not only that, but without denying yourself one May night ice cream cone, your clothing will fit better.

All yoga classes at Yoga Matrika are now $10 each for the whole summer.  Want to test my flexibility is youth hypothesis?  Try unlimited yoga for 25-days for $40 and try to prove me wrong.  I’m not, but go ahead and try—it will make you feel better.

See you soon at Yoga Matrika!

Yoga Studies with Sharon

Yoga Studies with Sharon

Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, MA, E-RYT, R-PYT

Please send an e-mail to Sharon at: if you have any questions, wish to discuss the program or need information before you sign up. You can also call Sharon at 412-855-5692.

This 6-month Yoga Studies program (September 10, 2012 through March 2013) is $1,200. Tuition is paid in monthly $100 payments for 12-months starting with the date of registration. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable and payments must be made regardless of your actual participation in scheduled classes and workshops.

Register Here
This is an intimate program with a maximum of ten participants for each cohort. The program starts in September of each year, but you are encouraged to register and save your space as soon as you decide to make a commitment to the 6-month program of yoga studies. Register by signing a program contract HERE.

6-Month Yoga Studies Program Tuition Includes


Up to two-classes per week with Sharon Rudyk. Options include:
Tuesday night 5:45 to 7:00 pm
Saturday morning: 9:00 to 10:15 am


One two-hour special topics class per month with Sharon Rudyk per month. Each month, Sharon will offer at least two options, one evening and one weekend for a special topics workshop. Topics include: yoga philosophy, energy, pranayama, different yoga traditions, asana alignment and practice techniques and more. All the juicy stuff you don’t have time to explore in drop-in classes! One per month is included in your tuition, but you can always sign-up for more and pay for them a la carte.

Curriculum for the Yoga Studies Program

In 6-months of Yoga Studies with Sharon, you can expect to learn:

  • Learn Sanskrit names, alignment principles, cues and variations and modifications for 30-basic asanas
  • Read and discuss Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Learn about the central channel, movement of prana and the chakra energy centers
  • Explore the anatomy of breath and learn basic breath awareness, uijayi pranayama, kapalabhati, nine cleansing breaths and nadi shodhana
  • Use energetic awareness and breath in asana practice
  • Explore the relationship of the mind, skeletal system, organs and endocrine system in asana
  • Learn about Chinese meridian energy theory and Yin Yoga practices
  • Learn about therapeutic applications of yoga and yoga for seniors, yoga during pregnancy and to support common student complaints (hips, back, knees and shoulders)
  • Learn about Mantras, Chanting and the use of Sanskrit in yoga
  • Choose a kriya and mantra meditation to practice for 40-days
  • Explore your own practice, limitations and strengths with personalized direction and support
  • Learn common obstacles to home practice and examine different ways to overcome obstacles and make your yoga a part of every day
  • Learn how to make adjustments and modify asana so you can continue your practice through your life

Tuition Details

The Yoga Studies program requires a contract of agreement for 12-payments of $100 that will be automatically charged to your credit card once per month. You are obligated to maintain these payments regardless of your actual class attendance or participation in workshops and training sessions. There are no refunds for any reason and this program tuition is not transferable.

Yoga Studies for Teacher Training

If you wish to complete this program as a teacher training program, then you must complete, in addition to the Yoga Studies course:

  • 18-hours of anatomy training workshops with Mark Chandlee Taylor (Embodied Anatomy for Yoga Instructors I,II, III)
  • a minimum of three additional workshops of your choice at Yoga Matrika
  • take a total of 50 classes (25 must be with Sharon and 25 can be completed anywhere upon Sharon’s approval). The classes that are included in the Yoga Studies program count towards this total. Any other classes that you wish to take must be paid for separately.
  • complete a teaching skills/practicum training weekend (will be scheduled for March 2013)
  • complete an online course that includes significant writing assignments that require reading, observing and practice teaching (available in September 2012). This online course will cost $100.
  • teach a minimum of one practice class that is open to the public and observed by Sharon
  • a minimum of two private sessions with Sharon ($60 each)
We are a Registered Yoga School (RYS®) with Yoga Alliance and graduates of our 200-hour Teacher Training Program are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®).

Readings Syllabus for Yoga Matrika’s Yoga Studies Course

A suggested reading list will be posted in July 2012 for the September 2012 cohort. Please note that if you are taking this Yoga Studies course for teacher training, you will be required to complete the readings and writing assignments as outlined in the online course.