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Click on this picture to find out why this mountain range is so meaningful to Sharon.

Click on this picture to find out why this mountain range is so meaningful to Sharon.

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OK, let’s be honest here……we all get hundreds of email newsletters each and every week and most we delete without reading.  We signed-up and they aren’t spam, but we simply don’t have space available for all that information.  Over the past ten-years of my business, I have come to understand that most of my students and potential students are relying on Facebook events because they see the reminders in their “feed” and they are, for better or worse, on Facebook for hours and hours each day.  Basically, those events grab their attention because they are already “there”.  Over the past year, I have been using Facebook less and less.  While I sometimes feel out of the loop and disconnected, I have freed up hours for my practice, for daydreaming, for writing, for my ceramic art, and for reading.  My personal productivity and general level of satisfaction, some might call it happiness, has increased exponentially with less time spent on Facebook.  I’m not critical of Facebook and I see the value, but I’m going to be honest here that I have personally experienced significant positive changes in my life by limiting my use of social media.

My email newsletter is how I am going to continue to communicate my services, teaching schedule, and information that I think you would enjoy having or need to have.  My email newsletter is how I maintain a sense of community for all of us, years after closing my brick and mortar yoga studio, Yoga Matrika, in Pittsburgh.  It’s a digital space, but it is “ours”.  If you want to know my teaching schedule, keep in touch, and allow me to share information I find that I think you would find helpful, then please subscribe to my newsletter.  I send out one or less newsletters each week and you can unsubscribe at any time.  I am not likely to keep using Facebook moving forward for my business.  This is a personal choice and not a judgement.

When you subscribe to my newsletter, I warmly welcome you to this nourishing community!  YOU mean a great deal to me and I hope that you will stay in touch, enjoy our communication, and find some peace and well-being here.  I appreciate your presence and am grateful in this lifetime for the opportunities that YOU make possible for me to do this work that means so very much to me.  If you have any suggestions, or just want to be in touch personally, please reply to any newsletter or send me an email to:  I’m the only one working here, so you can be confident that I will personally receive any communication.  Sometimes it may take me a couple of days to respond, but I will respond personally as soon as possible.


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  1. I am looking for ashtanga yoga group classes. I have been practicing for 4 years in CA. I can not find it in Pgh

  2. Hi Toni,

    I don’t teach Ashtanga yoga or even Ashtanga vinyasa. I believe that Schoolhouse Yoga offers some Ashtanga classes. There are some really excellent vinyasa flow instructors here in Pittsburgh that you may want to check out even if they aren’t offering classic Ashtanga classes or Mysore style practices—like Linda Meacci and Jesse Bueno. Please feel free to contact me personally through phone or e-mail if you want to talk more about yoga in Pittsburgh and the range of practice styles that are available. There are some really dynamic and experienced instructors at Mookshi on Biddle Avenue in Regent Square/Wilkinsburg and I had a yoga studio with a lot of fabulous instructors that are now teaching all over the city that I can recommend highly. I am sure you’ll find something wonderful to support your practice here in the Burgh.

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