Mind-Body Coaching for Women with Sharon Fennimore, MA

The Matrika Strategy for Women

Sharon HeadWelcome!

I am a Mind-Body Coach and Personal Wellness Advisor who specializes in supporting women of all ages in obtaining optimum reproductive health from healthy menstrual cycles, creative fertility, pregnancy and postpartum well-being.  I’m so excited to bring the Matrika Strategy–a program that I have developed over the past 20-years–to women and families everywhere!  Every week I send out news, updates, information and FREE meditations and programs through my newsletter.  Make sure you sign-up today!

Let’s be honest ladies……we are overwhelmed!  From intense career and job responsibilities to maintaining an intimate partnership or marriage to school and family life and making babies, birthing babies, adopting babies……seriously.  Throw in a life changing event (cancer diagnosis, divorce, wedding, graduation, career change, baby, adoption) and we are over the edge fast.  We expect a lot of ourselves and feel tremendous pressure to do everything “right”.

Matrika Strategy for Stress and Anxiety Management

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If you feel un-inspired, tense, anxious and overwhelmed, no matter what your specific concern, you should explore my Matrika Strategy stress management coaching packages and distance study courses.  I offer very specific and easy to practice techniques for relieving anxiety, preventing panic and improving your overall stress management.  My strategy uses traditional meditation, movement and relaxation techniques from traditional Chinese, Indian and Tibetan yo

Girl with Blue MoonPERIOD.

Schedule your FREE 30-Minute Consultation to immediately improve your menstrual health and optimum fertility.

Is your period more like a sentence?  Have you recently gone off hormonal birth control only to find that you aren’t ovulating? Unpredictable periods?  Irregular or painful cycles?  Does the term “heavy” not even begin to describe the quality of your menstrual flow? Back pain? Headaches? PMS? PCOS? Moody and exhausted?  If your reproductive health could use a tune-up, you should explore my PERIOD. coaching packages.  If you are trying to conceive, experiencing infertility or just thinking about preparing your body, mind and spirit to welcome a little one to your family, you may want to start by looking at my Matrika Fertility programs.

Great Expectations and Beyond

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Matrika Prenatal Yoga and Exercise and pregnancy concierge programs will help you prepare your body and spirit for a rewardingHip Mom w. Stroller and memorable birthing and preparing yourself, your partner and your family for adding a new family member.  There are so many decisions that need to be made that it is easy to see two lines and then see stars!  I can help you find the best prenatal care provider, learn about tests and create a birth vision that helps you relax, enjoy you pregnancy and guide you in making decisions during your labor and delivery.  The year after you give birth is also one of great transformation.  I’m delighted to offer mindful mothering coaching packages to support you in getting back your body and nourishing yourself and your family during this special time.






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  1. Dear Sharon,

    Two years ago, Yoga Matrika offered meditation classes. I can’t find them in this website anymore, are they still offered?

    Thank you.

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